New and improved. Hamburg, 7th November 2019.

FinForward is the international format at the heart of Germany’s biggest fintech event, Fintech Week. Depending on whom you ask, Germany is both proud and ashamed of its alleged scepticism towards change. That’s why our theme for this year's FinForward on 7th November is: “Don't Be Afraid Of German Angst.” Are the naysayers missing a trick or dodging a bullet? Is a little apprehension towards a future of uncertainty anything to be ashamed of? What exactly are German investors, regulators, consumers and incumbents afraid of? Does this affect Germany's attractiveness as a market for incoming startups and investors? We’re going to spend the day examining the most recent developments in fintech from various perspectives – from business to society via politics and culture.


Following the success of last year's FinForward, we've decided to go full-on international, with all tracks in English. The German market is complex but its size makes it worth serious consideration. This is your opportunity to dip your toe in the water. But it's also the next stop on the European fintech circuit – so the best of both worlds for interested innovators and investors.


Whether you feel you're turning up late for the party or keeping an eye out for refreshing perspectives: our on-stage talks and off-piste chats will get you up to speed and keep you there. Dive deep into the German and European fintech scene, from the societal impact, to national and EU-wide regulation, via digital identity, payment and more.

Thought-provoking place

The place we've chosen for FinForward is at the heart of the Hamburg fintech scene, just around the corner from Finhaven, Fintech Week's hub in 2019. The neighbourhood is a walk-in-metaphor for digital disruption: it's unfinished, it changes by the day, we're not quite sure how it's going to end up. But there's change in its foggy northern air and we love it!

At the heart of German fintech

Finforward is embedded within Germany's biggest fintech event, Fintech Week. We're also the people behind Finletter, keeping Germany in the know about everything fintech. We've got a knack for finding the topics that matter and bringing the right people together. We embody the fintech ethos of promoting new ideas and underrepresented people.