Building Bridges – A Gravning-Expedition

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finhaven 6. November 2019 14:00 - 18:00

Gravning_EventlogoWhat is separated is connected by a bridge, obstacles can be bridged. Bridges stand as a connecting element between people and places. Based on this symbolic meaning, the event is about „building bridges“ between the fintechs beyond the borders of Germany and the beautiful city of Hamburg.
We have international fintechs, who will provide an insight into their business models and set exciting impulses, and other representatives of international Fintech ecosystems as guests. In a lively panel discussion, we want to further soften the borders and show what Hamburg has to offer as a location for digital and innovation and what ways fintechs based here can find their way into other markets. As a sidekick, we want to give start-ups the opportunity to introduce themselves.


Which questions are the focus of this event?
– What are the issues for startups outside Germany?
– Who are the winners of the digital transformation – banks or fintechs?
– Would Hamburg be a suitable location for you? Why?
– What are the main challenges when opening a new international location?
– Is your own market sufficient to establish an idea?
– How do you get your young talents?
– How do we build Fintech bridges between Hamburg/Germany and Europe?
– …



What are the highlights of this event?
– Presentation of international fintechs and their business models
– pitches
– panel discussions
– … and there is more to come


Programm Gravning

What audience does the event appeal to?
Employees of banks, fintechs, investors and financial service providers. Innovative, open-minded and internationally thinking people.

What do the participants definitely take with them?
o Impressions of new modern business models
o Participation in the experiences of international fintech companies
o Findings from stimulated and discussions
o A high practical relevance of the presented contents
o The external perception of Hamburg as a digital and innovation location
o An international network

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Markus Alin
Lidia Bolla
Michael Borter
Hartmut Giesen
Fabian Grapengiesser
Patrick Hartmann
Johan Hemminger
Johannes Humbert
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Stefan Klein
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Anders Norlin
Lidia Oshlyansky
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